An aerial view of Nene Park, Peterborough

Share your Ferry Meadows Memories

Come to Ferry Meadows every weekend in September and share your memories of the Park, to create an exhibition for all to enjoy.

Nene Park Trust is launching a new project in Ferry Meadows this Saturday 9th September, inviting visitors to share their memories of the Park through words, photos and drawings, to create an exhibition that will grow throughout September.

‘Welcome Rangers’

Volunteer ‘Welcome Rangers’ will be hosting the project and will be based at the wooden cabin near the Visitor Centre from 9am-1pm every Saturday and Sunday in September to greet and chat with visitors and give them a helping hand. For those visitors who are unable to come to the Park at weekends, they can pop into the Visitor Centre at any point during the week and leave their memories (written or copies of photos), which will then be added to the display in the cabin. Visitors can also email their memories to memories@neneparktrust.org.uk.

Your Community Greenspace Project

The project is part of our wider Your Community Greenspace project, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. The overall project aims to make Ferry Meadows into an inclusive community hub. By inviting Park visitors to share their memories of this much-loved greenspace, the Trust hopes to foster a shared sense of community and pride in the Park.

Later on this year Nene Park Trust hopes to extend the Ferry Meadows memories exhibition by creating a digital exhibition which can be shared more widely online.

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