Photographer Nate Landsell, stands in front of a large building taking a shot of it.

Peterborough Photographer Hopes His Dyslexia Awards Nomination Will Be a Flash of Inspiration to Others

Peterborough photographer Nate Lansdell who has set up his own photography business is celebrating after being named as a finalist in the national Dyslexia Awards.

And Nate, who runs A Smile A Day Photography from Peterborough Workspace, in Maxwell Road, Woodston, says he hopes his success will inspire others – particularly anyone who might not have done as well as hoped in recent GCSE and A Levels.

He said: ‘At a time of news about how poor grades and how people will struggle, I want to highlight that even under the most difficult of circumstances you can achieve anything, regardless of grades. It’s been amazing, I’ve had so many wonderful messages and comments, it’s been incredible.’

2023 Dyslexia Awards logo

As well as just being named as a finalist for the Dyslexia Awards 2023, he was also told previously that he had been chosen as a finalist for the Peterborough Small Business Awards 2023.

Nate says he has been through some tough times and it was the gift of a camera that really gave him a new lease of life.

He said: ‘I had anxiety and depression and was in a pretty dark place between 2016 and 2020. I was gifted a camera while I was dog-sitting and I found that photography was just an amazing outlet for me. It let me find a place where my learning difficulties didn’t hold me back and it gave me time to calm my mind and it helped with the depression.’

He added: ‘A Smile A Day Photography is actually based around my motto, which is “A smile a day can change the world” – because I really believe in helping others, never judging, and supporting growth. A smile costs nothing, it can heal wounds, it makes someone’s day. So if I can make a single smile for the day I’ve achieved greatness.’

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