Andy Harding Personal Trainer

Andy Harding is a fully qualified and experienced (REPS) Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer who has additional qualifications in boxing, running, group training (circuits boot camps), kettlebell instruction, medicine ball, nutrition and core.

Andy has been a personal trainer for over 11 years. Over that time he has trained many people with different fitness goals with excellent results. Physical exercise makes you feel healthier, gives you more energy and reduces stress levels. This consequently makes life easier and better.

Training geared to you

As a freelance Advanced Personal Trainer, Andy can train you at home, in the garden or at a local park, wherever you feel comfortable. He trains people for many different reasons, such as weight loss, improving fitness and health, added confidence for a special occasion, for a sports event, or after an injury.

In addition, Andy is a running coach who has trained many people for half marathons, full marathons and Park Runs. For groups, he offers a fitness bootcamp and also a running training class. He has a running technique coaching certificate so he can teach you to run correctly and prevent injuries.

He travels all around the Peterborough area, plus Stamford, Deeping, Oundle, Spalding, Wisbech, March and Huntingdon, approximately 20 miles from Peterborough.

Your Training Sessions

Your first session will be a free one-hour consultation. During this, Andy will carry out a health assessment and fitness tests, and he will recheck these every four to five weeks.

His aims are to:

  • Give you advice and help you achieve your fitness goals.
  • Give you nutrition advice
  • Help towards your weight loss goals
  • Teach you corrective exercise
  • Help you tone up
  • Increase your strength & power
  • Set a fitness programme for you
  • Guide you back to fitness after an injury
  • Help you feel and look better for a special occasion
  • Train you towards a running event or sporting event

His training sessions are fun, so you will never be bored. All sessions last 45-60 minutes, and he tailors your workout towards your goals. He can train you wherever is convenient, for example at your home or local park, and he brings his own exercise equipment.

More About Andy Harding

‘I used to be unfit, and I weighed over 16 stone, so I decided to change my lifestyle. Now I weigh just 12 stone and I am fit.

As an experienced runner, I am well known in the local running community. I trained and ran with a lady on her first half marathon and Folksworth 15, and I trained a group for their first half marathon. I also trained a lady for her first full marathon.

In conclusion, as a personal trainer, I aim to help you achieve your fitness goals, whatever they may be!’

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