Apiary Solutions work to empower you through people solutions.


Apiary Solutions

We provide a tailor-made experience for individuals and businesses who require support and solutions within:


  • Coaching; Confidence & Leadership
  • HR Consultancy
  • Leadership Development
  • People Analytics; DISC Profiling and Motivational Analysis


We partner with sole traders through to large organisations, and our aim and service experience remains consistent.



Coaching individuals on building their confidence or leadership skills is top priority to us.  Whether you are a business owner, employee or leader we want to empower you to reach your goals and enhance your performance.

HR Consultancy

Whether we are supporting you on a retainer basis on one of our packages (Queen Bee or Busy Bee) or as part of a more flexible approach (Hive Harmony) we continually collaborate with you to achieve your goals.


People Analytics 

Gaining knowledge into how you and your team work is an essential part of building success .  we offer two methods of people analytics, both available to individuals, teams and organisations.


  • Motivational Maps – increases understanding on what motivates a person or a team and how this can be improved to increase bottom line.
  • DiSC Analysis – increasing understanding on personality and communication for both individuals and others.


Leadership Development 

Providing development training for all stages of management and leadership whether it’s short-term or a comprehensive program we can support you in delivering the development that meets your specific needs.


We provide 121 training, small groups or we can provide a more formal approach for those larger sessions.


We are also able to provide these sessions, in person (on or off site) and virtually.


The Local Community

Is important to us at Apiary Solutions, and Julie completes the following roles:

  • Board Trustee of Peterborough Rape Crisis, and has done so for over 8 years;
  • Emergency Foster French Bulldog home, working with Phoenix French Bulldogs, providing an emergency home for those Frenchies who are in need of somewhere safe whilst their forever home is being secured.

We also work with local honey providers whose Bees work hard to produce our lovely merchandise – if you see us at an event make sure you taste some of their product!  It’s wonderful!

If you would like to find out more about how we can support you then please don’t hesitate to get in touch or visit Apiary Solutions website to find out more about our services.

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