Colleagues meeting in a Smart office space

How a Smart Office Can Improve Wellbeing and Increase Productivity

Offices have a bit of a bad rep for being boring, soulless places to work so we thought we’d talk about some changes you could make to turn your office into a Smart inspiring space that can improve collaboration and communication between your employees, consultants and clients.

We are talking about anything from replacing outdated computer peripherals to updating old, uncomfortable furniture with ergonomic chairs and standing desks. Although the initial expense can be off-putting, adding some smart features to your office can be a great way to increase productivity and improve overall wellbeing and therefore save you money in the long term.

Keep Everyone Safe with Smart Security

Help keep your office and employees safe and secure with smart IoT security devices such as smart locks, entry control systems, and network monitoring tools. A smart video doorbell is a great solution for keeping an eye on who is at your door (even if they don’t ring the doorbell) and accept packages without leaving your desk.

Go Green with Smart Lighting

It’s a tale as old as time- lights being left on in empty rooms. Smart lighting can allow you to program lights to only come on when people are in the room, can be controlled remotely using a smartphone or voice-activated assistant and can even improve energy efficiency by adjusting to the natural light in the room.

Lighting can have a huge effect on workforce wellbeing- the right lighting can even increase productivity so it’s well worth getting it right!

Perfect Climate

It’s hard to please everyone when it comes to the right office temperature, but you definitely don’t want your employees working in uncomfortably cold conditions. A smart thermostat can help get the balance right. Once you’ve downloaded the relevant app, your smart thermostat can be controlled remotely and allows you to check the temperature of the office from anywhere you have Wi-Fi access, meaning you can ensure the office is nice and toasty for your employees before they arrive at work!

Smart Design

Standing desks, interactive whiteboards and wireless charging are all great for promoting a collaborative working environment as well as promoting healthier habits (no more slouching over the keyboard in an uncomfortable chair). Areas with comfortable sofas offer your team alternative working and meeting spaces.

Smart technology is great for remote working – employees can access their work while away from the office allowing them to communicate with their team easily.

Setting up a smart office is not a quick fix – it requires careful planning and will no doubt evolve over time. If your office is in your home, you can still take advantage of the smart technologies available to create the perfect working environment – smart lighting, smart thermostat and a video doorbell could transform your current working conditions at little initial cost.

Written by Ben Hemp who is a member of Peterborough Business Directory.


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