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Success Blossoms for Expanding Peterborough Floral Business

Eginta Ilgavyzyte (30) opened Flowers & Gifts Designs at number 268 Lincoln Road about 10 years ago.

Since then her retail business has blossomed and she decided the time was ripe for her to open a second shop.

So Eginta has just officially opened another Flowers and Gifts outlet – but this time at the other end of Lincoln Road – at number 955.

The business employs three people with the flowers and gifts products coming from around the world.

Eginta said: “I decided to open a second shop as I have found there are different types of customers at either end of Lincoln Road and I’m trying to attract more people.

“The new shop has been well received by customers

“I sell everything people need – flowers and gifts – for all sorts of occasions, such as weddings, parties and funerals. Valentine’s Day is soon and we are already very busy taking orders for this special occasion

She added: “Overall business is not bad.

“We could do better but I think all business owners are saying this.

“At the moment I’m working every day off the week – I’m working without a day off.

She added: “Every year we try our best to improve and update our knowledge and designs.

“We are a professional florist team who can help customers to fulfil their wishes. We love a challenge – there is nothing impossible.

“Our flowers are always fresh from the best and trusted suppliers.”

Written by Paul Grinnell of Peterborough Telegraph.


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