City College Invites Residents To Share Their Hobbies

City College Peterborough is looking for people who would like to earn money sharing their interest or hobby.

The college invites anyone over the age of 19, with good knowledge and the practical skills for their particular interest, to get in touch. Successful applicants will run short taster sessions with the college to see if their course will generate enrolments. 

Can you share your hobby?

Hobbies for the taster sessions can be about a range of interests. For example, this could be cookery, languages, photography, science, basic IT, writing, history, gardening, Tai chi and so on. In fact, anything that has a broad appeal to individuals or families. But applicants do not need to be an expert. Neither do they need to be a qualified tutor or have teaching experience. They just need to be able to inspire people with the passion they have for their hobby.

Janet Bristow is Deputy Principal and Head of Service at City College Peterborough. She said: “The taster sessions are designed to encourage people to improve their health, confidence and wellbeing by embracing something new and, for some, tempting them into their first step towards further learning.”

She continued, “We’re not looking for experienced tutors or experts as it’s very much an informal and fun experience to share with others who can learn something new. All you need is a good knowledge of your hobby or interest and the enthusiasm to share it with others.” 


For more information about running an online taster session, email Harriet Bowen hbowen@citycollegepeterborough.ac.uk or call 01733 761361. 

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