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Excellent HR is Key to your Business Success

If you want your business to be truly successful, you need the right people in the right place with the right skills, knowledge, expertise, and behaviours. Commercial and robust HR processes are the answer.

Your people are your biggest asset

You might think that your product or service, your public reputation or your financial success should be your number one priority. But underpinning each of these is your people. Your staff deliver, design, and create your product or service. They are the face of your business for your customers, and there is a clear correlation between how you manage your people and your profitability.

Achieve business success through effective HR delivery

Having the best people, and keeping them happy, is fundamental to maintaining and growing a successful business. This means your HR processes have never been more important.

Take a moment to reflect on how well you do the following activities:

  • Recruiting the right people
  • Delivering an exciting and informative induction process
  • Proactively managing their probationary period
  • Taking supportive and decisive action on underperformance
  • Holding regular talent conversations to understand what motivates your team and plan their learning and development to embed them in your future success.
  • Giving feedback and recognising your people’s successes every day, and annually through pay and reward reviews

Not getting these right will affect your bottom line. They could be why your business might find attracting and retaining the best people a challenge. That’s a challenge you don’t want in the current climate when competition and costs have never been higher.

HR is a key driver of your growth and competitiveness

Getting these HR processes right for your people will drive high levels of engagement and outstanding team performance. This in turn can positively add value to your bottom line. If productivity is up, then your profitability is likely to increase too. If you think HR is just a support system for your business, it’s time to rethink and get the support you need to supercharge your people processes.

An HR service may free up your time to focus on your business

The right HR service will work hard to get to know you, your people, and your business so the support you receive is fit for purpose and specific to your needs. They will feel like a natural extension to your business and a trusted advisor. Introducing structured and consistent people processes creates an environment where your people feel valued, respected, and motivated to contribute their best efforts.

Your senior managers are key to your success and long-term strategy. Ask an HR service about the people training they can provide to improve your senior team’s people management capability. This can help to ensure your business’ values are delivered consistently at every level.

Change is constant, and an HR service can help to develop your people processes to embed current best practices. It can provide expert advice to ensure your business attracts and retains top talent, builds a positive workplace culture, improves performance, and drives your continued success.

Article written by Sophie Easteal from HR Your Business Matters.

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