Bridget Ginty - Awakened by a slap from a Monk!

Bridget Ginty – Awakened by a Slap from a Monk!

What can you tell us about your journey and what led you down this spiritual path?

I was working night shifts at the NHS and my night charge nurse was Malaysian and was planning a holiday to visit his family in Malaysia. I jokingly said “Can I come?” but he said “Yes”, so I actually went along with him.

They were in Georgetown and I was on the beachfront in Batu Feringgi, which was gorgeous. I was there at the time of a religious festival and it ended up being life-changing for me. I went with Kumar to their temple where the local devotees were chanting. A monk came out to me, slapped me right in my third eye, and suddenly everything became a whole lot clearer. I couldn’t believe what had just happened, but the monk thought that I wanted a LaVey, which is a piercing that they put through your tongue, your back, your cheeks, or the hooks on your back.

Fortunately, Kumar stopped that from happening, but it was very interesting to watch. They were putting the piercings on people and there was no blood, no squealing, no pulling of faces, or anything like that.  It was a really inspiring experience. In that waterfall temple lives Lord Morgana. He gets to come down once a year, and he is pulled in his wonderful silver cage on an ox cart, as they adore the cow in Malaysia. I didn’t attend the whole ceremony, but in the evening, I went to the waterfall temple where the devotees ended up. I’d never seen such a sight – the whole hill was white with milk and honey, where the devotees had climbed up and poured the milk and honey over the representation of their God, and it just flowed down the hill.

In my childhood, my grandma was very keen that I attend church, at least from time to time. However, a man living on a cloud up in heaven didn’t resonate with me, but assorted gods, who are all facets of one, did resonate. I incorporated that into my beliefs, but I’ve abandoned it since, and became a believer in the universe, in the universal life force and energy, rather than deities and gods. It’s just the universe for me and it’s so powerful that it plays pranks. If you flirt with it, it will flirt back with you and you get really mad things happening to you when your worlds collide.

That’s how I developed my spiritual belief system, but when I went to Malaysia the second year, I was fortunate enough to stay in an ashram and see the rituals. The guru spoke English so we could have long philosophical discussions. He was a huge man with a big black beard, long black hair, and really big feet. He was making a difference. For the people who have taken to the ashram to help with their physical and mental well-being, he was making a positive difference, which was really inspiring, and he knew everything about you from your birth date. He could tell you what you should eat, when you should eat it, or he could tell you your negative days; he could tell you everything. He really inspired me and I wish that I’d have that depth and knowledge that he had.

Those are a few experiences that shaped my beliefs and my spiritual path.

What can people hope to achieve with your spiritual guidance?

I touch people’s lives and make a positive difference. People come to me because I’ve promoted myself as a therapist, counselor, and spiritual life coach. I’ve produced various tools myself to promote access to the subconscious, I find that people come to their therapy and stay for the spirituality. Sometimes people come and they’re lost for words. I say “Ok, let’s lay down and look at your throat chakra. Let’s have a word with it. What are you swallowing down? What are you not expressing and what’s not coming out? Let’s balance that.”

At that point, people are usually able to find their words and start describing their issues, so we start working on that. People will come to me to talk, but if they can’t find their words, then I listen to their bodies. I’m blessed that I can see energy and chakras.

What do your holistic health and healing services include?

I offer talking treatment and empower clients often using tools that I’ve created. I have a tool where you design your fantasy house, but it has nothing to do with architecture. For instance, the first question people answer in here is “What would you have on your roof? What’s your roof made of?” Mine is glass, for example. It is transparent and, on the corners, there are four turrets with spiral staircases in them. In the middle, there’s a big tuned-in telescope which you can use to see the stars. I’ve got a Zen garden that’s protected by a force field, so it never gets a leaf on it and never gets wet or disordered. It’s also a place where the sun always shines on a sunbed.

That’s my roof, but what Is the roof? The roof is glass and is all about being transparent. It’s also a reflection of how I stood on a glass bridge over the Grand Canyon and was very frightened because it’s abnormal to have birds flying under your feet. However, there was also an Australian lady who was even more scared than me. Then my empathy kicked in and I said to her “It’s ok, come on, we can do this together” so we held hands and walked the glass bridge. In that light, the glass roof is a symbol of triumph and courage. It’s an achievement symbol. That’s why it’s there.

The turrets going upwards mean that I always aspire to go higher and higher and access my higher self. However, I also need to remain grounded, too, hence the Zen garden. Then there’s the telescope because I think it is so important to be curious and to ask yourself “What is out there?”

Then we look at other areas of the house. They think about it, they are using their subconscious and that knows all the answers. The more detailed they are in their answer, about the shape and the color of the thing they chose, who has access to it and who doesn’t, etc., that’s all very telling. Equally, it’s not invasive or threatening in any way. You just use your imagination, your creative brain, and your subconscious.

At that point, they learn that we’re not talking about architecture, but rather about them, so it’s not in the least bit threatening. This is how I learn who I’m working with.

You also do Pendulum work and Dowsing. Can you tell us more about that part of your work?

I started pendulum work because when I was doing tarot readings, I needed to establish a “yes” and a “no” and I thought that I was quite accurate with that. Then it started by accident. Somebody had lost a very precious ring and I said, “Ok, where do you think you lost it? Bring a floor plan of your house”. Then we marked it with a pendulum vertically and horizontally. Where the pendulum started to activate, I said “Go and look in that area of your house. I don’t know what’s in that area, but look under it, on it, through it, behind it, etc.” She did find the ring in that space in her house. Then she told people who told people who told people, etc. Then a lot of people started asking me to locate different things for them. An important thing to note is that the pendulum only works for small areas or large areas represented in a small way.

On the other hand, dowsing can cover a bigger area quicker. Mine are just bent coat hangers, to be truthful. I hold them and when they cross, I am led by them. It’s all energy work and it’s very powerful.

What other services do you offer?

I also offer Reiki, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Crystal healing, aromatherapy… Basically whatever I’m called upon, to fulfill a need.

I especially love Reiki. It’s very powerful and people respond to it in a powerful way. After a Reiki session, people often have tears, laughter bursts, and physical energy shifts. Sometimes people’s stomachs grumble or they get hiccups. Sometimes they have synesthesia where they can taste music or smell the number 9. As their energies are being balanced, these things can and do occur.

Written by Predrag Vlatkovic from Mystic Mag. Bridget Ginty from Believe, Become, Be is a Peterborough Business Directory member.

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