Discover a Roman Army in Nene Park with new app

As part of the Festival of History, Archaeology and Heritage of the Nene Valley during July, Nene Park is holding the Artis Trail App Launch Event on Saturday 16 July 10.30am to 2.30pm at Ferry Meadows. Visitors will have the opportunity to find out more about Nene Park’s new interactive walking trail, create their own Roman Army and meet the artists, One to One Development Trust

The new ‘Artis Trail App’ accompanies a circular walk along the River Nene, through Normangate Field and Castor Village uncovering the unique heritage of the Nene Valley from the Bronze Age, the Roman period and up to World War II. The app has been imaginatively created by One to One Development Trust. Their fun and creative approach brings to life the history of the area through augmented reality, audio tours, aerial views and information about the plants and wildlife.

By using the app, visitors can try on a virtual Roman Helmet as they walk across Ermine Street, the main route connecting the north and south of the Roman province, or create a miniature Roman Army on Normangate Field  – within the site of the industrial suburbs of the Roman Town of Durobrivae. The walk passes through the beautiful village of Castor and walkers can uncover a virtual Praetorium – the impressive Roman administrative building that once stood on Stocks Hill, the foundations of which can still be seen in the wall opposite St Kyneburga Church. 

The activities are easy to access on a mobile phone via QR codes located along the walking route. 

Judi Alston, Creative Director of One to One Development Trust said:

‘The area is so rich in heritage, and it has been very rewarding creating an interactive digital project about its exciting history. We ran community consultation days testing out the concept ideas with visitors to Nene Park and local families. These have helped inform the digital trail’.

Louise Thirlwall, Project Development Officer (Arts) at Nene Park said: 

‘The Artis Trail App brings to life some of the amazing heritage hidden beneath Nene Park. Along their walk visitors can have fun trying on a virtual Roman helmet, and find out more information about the history of the area. And the great thing about being able to access it via your phone is that if people are unable to access the walk, they can explore the App from home and enjoy some stunning aerial footage of the Park’.

The Artis Trail is produced in partnership with the Nene Valley Archaeological Trust And is part of the Nenescape Walking In Time project – a series of four self-guided walks exploring the heritage of Nene Park and the landscape of the lower Nene Valley, West of Peterborough. The trail is named after Edmund Tyrell Artis 1789-1847. Artis’ archaeological investigations along the Nene Valley uncovered some outstanding discoveries including a Roman mosaic, and the remains of Roman pottery kilns and grand villas. Artis lived and worked on the nearby Milton Estate between 1813 and 1826 and during that time produced a beautifully illustrated publication of mosaics and excavated building remains. His gravestone can be viewed in Castor churchyard.

Join One to One Development Trust and Nene Park staff on Saturday 16 July 10.30am to 2pm at the Discovery Den, Ferry Meadows to find out more.

Walking In Time is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund through the Nenescape Landscape Partnership Scheme. The scheme combines natural heritage conservation and restoration with community heritage, historical research and public engagement to form a scheme of projects that explore the Nene Valley, its people, heritage and identity in a changing landscape.


More information about the walking route and a downloadable map can be found www.nenepark.org.uk/walking-in-time-heritage-trails

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