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5 Things That Must be Done During Your Boiler Service

There are a number of key elements to a boiler service, which, if neglected, may cause the boiler to fail when you need it most. This could result in expensive and unnecessary callouts.

So, next time an engineer comes round to do your boiler service, ask them politely if they’ve done the following 5 things:

1. Repressurise your expansion vessel

The expansion vessel, like your car tyres, needs checking regularly to ensure it’s at the correct pressure. If it isn’t, the water pressure in your heating could rise and fall rapidly, causing corrosion and leaks.

2. Clean the condense trap

The condensate trap is like the waste under your kitchen sink. If it gets blocked, the water can’t drain away properly. If this happens in your boiler, you’re likely to see a flashing error code resulting in no heat or hot water.

3. Clean the heat exchanger and burner

The heat exchanger is where the heat from the burnt gas transfers to the water circulating around your radiators. If this starts to block, the boiler can’t produce enough heat, so your system will take longer to heat up or the hot water will only be luke warm.

4. Clean system filter

Your system filter collects rust particles that circulate around your system and prevent them from entering the boiler. If this isn’t cleaned every year, it can restrict flow through the system, making it slow to heat up.

5. Checked gas pressure

The correct gas pressure is vital to ensure the boiler is working properly. Too low and the boiler can’t produce enough heat. Too high the boiler may bang as it lights.

All of this should take about an hour or longer if any parts need to be replaced.

Should I Get my Boiler Serviced?

You should expect your boiler to last 15 years or more, but neglecting your annual maintenance may significantly reduce its lifespan. Investing a small amount now on an annual boiler service will prevent expensive bills later for repairs or early replacement. This guide provides essential insights into boiler maintenance, service frequency, and duration.

Do I Need to Service My Boiler?

Boilers are a vital part of a comfortable home. When neglected they will develop faults. To keep your boiler in tip-top condition it is essential to get in serviced every year. It is recommended by manufacturers and warranties often mandate it. Regular services significantly reduce the risk of major breakdowns, saving homeowners from costly repairs.

What’s the Law on Boiler Servicing?

As a homeowner, you are not legally obliged to service your boiler, but it’s highly recommended. If you have tenants in your property, you must have a valid landlord’s gas safety certificate, which includes safety inspections for all gas appliances.

Written by Christian Welch from Fix First Heating who is a member of Peterborough Business Directory.

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